Discover your family, while helping to preserve tribal history.

Our hope is that you will share your stories and pictures with us. We will be honoring our elders, tribal leaders and helping in documenting our history.

We are also interested in current happenings as they will soon be again a part of our history with you and your families as the leading characters. We would like pictures and stories of our ancestors, or anyone else that had a meaningful impact on our lives be they - family, friends, mentors, etc.
We will try to make the pages easy to use in sharing stories, upload photos, and add facts about our loved ones. Help us to validate tribal member’s lives and a map detailing important places and events.


Collect old Letters, birth certificates, death certificates, marriage licenses, birth announcements, family bibles, service records, journals, etc.Next, list what you think you know:

Start a family tree with you and your family members- list dates, birthdays, and marriages.

Don't forget to ask other family members what they may remember or have.

Nya:wëh sgë:nö’ (I'm thankfull you are well)